A Frugal Travel Guide

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Every year, millions of people around the world set off on exciting travelling adventures, but these vacations are no simple accomplishment. Travelling holidays are complex, expensive and potentially risky. To accomplish it, most people plan exhaustively. They map out schedules, account for contingencies and build detailed budgets. But no matter how much one plans, mistakes still happen and problems still arise.

The root of many of those issues is in the budget especially when going to the Seychelles. People tend to budget at their means. The problem is that you can’t account for everything. Surprises and accidents will happen, and when they do, they will drain and undermine the budget. So in the following series of tips, we’ll explore ways to travel and budget frugally while accounting for the unexpected by travelling below our means.

Aeroplan Cards

Aeroplan cards are credit cards with built-in airline bonus programs. Often, the airline, such as Air Canada, associates this account with your frequent flyer miles account, but you don’t need to be a frequent flyer in order to take advantage of an aeroplan program. These cards provide miles and cash back on travel-related purchases, and some of the best cards provide these bonuses on any kind of purchase.

A common financial technique is to use a credit card with a bonus program for all expenses. The key to this technique is to pay the entire bill each month in order to avoid credit charges. By doing so, the bonus is truly free. The savings accrued this way can be quite substantial, and travellers can even budget at standard prices, and then use this “extra” money as a safety net for all unexpected expenses.

Be Loyal

An aeroplan program isn’t the only way that loyalty pays. Many other service businesses, such as hotels and car rental agencies, have loyalty programs too. Some of these businesses require you to join programs while many of them are much more subtle than that. Long term, loyalty can pay big dividends, but travelers can also reap great financial benefits in the short term.

For instance, pick one hotel brand, and choose them for every stop along your trip. They may not give you a break upfront, but service businesses are computerized. They know when you come and how often. As you progress through the trip, the hotel will see how much business you’re giving it, and it’ll often reward you with various benefits and on-the-spot price breaks.

Take an All-Inclusive Approach

All-inclusive travel packages bundle hotel stays, car rentals, meals, drink and even activities. By choosing a bundle, you lose a little bit of flexibility, but in return, you get great savings that can really help stretch a budget. There are so many bundle options, that you can choose bundles with the same hotel and rental agencies so that you can build loyalty with those companies. Many all-inclusive vacation packages are at a fixed location, but it’s not too difficult to chain these opportunities together in order to create a travelling adventure.

Be Adventurous

Many people have their heart set on a particular destination, but that location may not be where the greatest savings lie. Be willing to go where the money is. For instance, make a list of possible destinations, and then choose the ones where the dollar is converting the highest. This adds both frugalness and excitement to your adventure. The worst mistake vacationers make is that they choose a location where they’re losing money on the dollar conversion. Make sure you check out an app ror currency conversion. It may not seem like a big deal, but it adds up fast and can increase the overall cost of a vacation substantially.

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