Great Photo Opportunities In Italy

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Your camera loves Italy. It might not know it yet, but take it there and you will see for yourself. From world-famous historic landmarks, to sprawling terracotta cities, to meandering mountain lanes above and turquoise oceans with white beaches below, Italy has views to die for.

If you’re planning a trip to Italy with your camera, make sure you insure your precious snapper before taking it onto the plane or the train. SLR cameras, with all their lenses and add-ons, are by no means cheap so rather than risking damage in transit use tools like travel insurance compare by to find cover that will guard you against accidents.

A great place to begin your Italian photo tour is Milan in the north. Flights into Milan are very cheap from most large European cities, with budget airlines shipping thousands of tourists to the historic northern city each year. Being the self-proclaimed fashion capital of Europe, Milan prides itself on looking good and there are few places from which it looks better than atop the city’s Gothic cathedral, the Duomo. The roof itself is a spectacular sight and from it you can look out across the city, right the way over to the Alps on the horizon.

Staying in the north of Italy but getting out of the city, you will want to take your wide angle lens with you as you head to the Dolomites mountain range in the eastern Alps. These Limestone Alps protrude out of an area of lush green fields and deep forests, creating a wonderful contrast for your photographs, particularly when set against a bright blue sky and fluffy white clouds.

While you’re in the north of Italy, try and pay a visit to Lake Como in Lombardy, which rivals even the best UK landmarks. Known as a retreat for the wealthy, the lake itself provides views for the likes of George Clooney, Madonna and Richard Branson, so you can imagine the standard of scenery on show. Just mind you don’t get caught zooming in on a celebrity’s house!

Travelling south through Italy, there are a few regions where you camera won’t forgive you if you don’t stop and admire the views. In central Italy, the region of Tuscany is itself something of a work of art. Its inhabitants take such pride in the beauty of the Tuscan landscapes, architecture and local artwork that every corner you turn presents a new photo opportunity. Just make sure any pictures you do take in Tuscany are good enough to uphold the legacy of the Renaissance artists who called it home!

Travel further south still and you will reach Rome, Italy’s capital and home to its most famous landmarks. You will only have to follow the crowds of tourists to find the many spectacular ancient buildings that are dotted around the city but it is worth waiting until the hoards have dispersed to get the very best shots of Rome. The Colosseum at night is a wonderful challenge for any photographer, with the lights shimmering in the lower arches of this colossal monument, while the skies darken above. The Castel and Ponte Sant’Angelo is another beautiful subject to photograph on a balmy, warm Rome evening.

The list of Italian photograph locations can go on and on, with places like Venice, Florence and the island of Sicily offering much, much more than can be mentioned here. The best piece of advice you can receive is to simply go there for yourself and take a good hard look at this beautiful country. It will reward you with some sensational photographs.

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