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cruise_shipAlaska is in the limelight as everybody is talking about taking one of the amazing Alaskan cruises. This is because the landscape is absolutely breathtaking with an abundance of glaciers and wildlife which are all set in a picturesque rustic environment. It is even possible to feel like you are back in the 1800s when you visit certain parts of Alaska. A vacation on one of the Alaskan cruise ships is becoming an increasingly popular option nowadays.

Contrary to the notion that these trips could be very expensive, you can easily take an affordable cruise package in Alaska, if you know how to find a perfect travel deal. You can even get a luxurious cruise line that does not offer any discount at an affordable price. You may end up spending half of what you would if you were to take a vacation on a resort and soak in the beautiful scenery and splendor of Alaska.

The Alaskan cruise packages offered are all inclusive. You do not have to pay separately for lodging, entertainment and dining, as you would if you were to plan a trip on your own. This in itself will prove to be a considerable saving to your advantage. Read the following tips that will prove valuable when you decide to pursue your dream of taking the Alaskan cruise.

The peak time for Alaskan cruises are from May to September and July and August are traditionally the best time. Do not opt for a summer trip if you wish to avail of a discount price on the cruise. This is because it is not as cool as in the fall and spring and the sights are not as spectacular as they are from May to September.

The wildflowers are in full bloom in May and this makes the scenery breathtaking. The wildlife can be spotted during this time. The changes of the shades in September of the deciduous trees adds stunning array of colors that is amazing.

U5 28276 SHIP_9If you do not mind facing disappointment, try to book your cruise package at the last minute as you can get a pretty good deal if you do this. Most of the cruises prefer to have maximum passengers on their ships as the rates are the same whether the ship has occupancy space or not. Therefore, heavy discounts are offered at the last minute before the ships are set to sail out.

Check out the basic price offered about six or nine months before the cruise is set to sail. Contact travel agents or check online at their websites to find out the best rates several days or weeks before it sails out.

Two days before sailing out, the manifest has to be submitted, so do not wait for the nth hour and make sure you reach the dock before this due date. If you are lucky you will be able to get a cabin on the cruise at a heavily discounted price.

Be prepared to be disappointed and learn to be flexible in case you do not get a cabin of your choice.  Even if you do, you will have to take the one offered at the last minute. You will be fortunate if you are able to get onto one of the Alaska cruises specials and enjoy the time of your life.

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